Sunday, February 5, 2017

Warning! The redistribution profiteers (RPs) are out to kill the Universal Basic Income (UBI) by making it fail.

If you make the UBI too high, let’s say more than 70 percent of what could be earned in the lowest paying full time employment… you are dooming it to failure.

Please start very low, like 35% of the full time earnings at minimum wages and try to enshrine a maximum, like 70% in some type of locked constitutional arrangement. 

If you allow UBI to become a politicians to citizens issue instead of a citizens to citizens affair you are endangering it.

If you allow UBI to be sold and managed as a poverty reducer instead of as an opportunity enabler, it is doomed. 

If the RPs suggest taking on debt in order to finance UBI (so as to keep the value of their current franchise) it will fail, more sooner than later.

Please: Let us avoid the merchants of poverty

Universal Basic Income is for oiling the social machinery, not for drowning it!